Frequently asked questions

How to invest with us?
Investing with us is very simple, just complete the registration process, make deposit, choose the investment plan and you are in to the world of possibilities.
How can I invest if I don't have any currency account?
You have always an option of creating free currencies account at Perfect Money or Bit coin.
How to open an account?
Just complete the registration process and you can open the account.
What all currencies you accept?
We accept perfect money, advcash, payeer and bit coin.
How can I deposit money to my account?
Just login with your credentials, go to the deposit section choose from which currency you want to deposit and complete the process.
How much it takes to reflect the deposit in my account?
It takes as fast as you complete the deposit process.
What to do if I forgot my account password?
Just click on forgot password link, enter the email you have registered with, a reset password link will be sent to your mail id immediately.
How do I get my profit/interest?
You get your interest/profit on daily basis at the end of the day, added to the available balance in your account.
How the interest is calculated?
Interest is calculated on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis on the available balance on your account.
How can I withdraw my money?
You have always an option of withdrawing your money from the withdraw section. Just login to the account and check withdraw section.
After withdrawal, how much time it takes to reflect in my e-currency account?
It takes minimum of 1-3 days.
How can I change my password?
In my profile section, there is an option of change password.
Can I deposit more amounts to my account?
Yes, you can always add amount to your account.
Can I lose money?
There is always a risk involved in such programs; rather our efficient team works hard to reduce the risk always. And it depends on whether you are investing on long term basis or short term basis. We invest your money in different investment opportunities and plans.
Can I have multiple accounts?
No, you can have only one account rather you can do multiple transaction, as all the transactions are handled separately.
What if I have multiple accounts with you?
If found cheating, your accounts will be suspended and deposit amount will be frozen.
Can I cancel a transaction made?
No, every transaction with us is irreversible whether it is deposit, investment or withdrawal.
What is the history of your company?
Our company consists of Forex Trade and Bit Coin (currency) exchange experts, who have experience in real time trading from a long time. With a group of such people finally we have started this company.
Where your clients are from?
We are a global investment platform, our clients are worldwide.
How does your company work?
We work from common office floor and many virtual locations as well. As it is about online investment from anywhere our traders can operate. Our analysis wing and investment strategy makers work from the office space as it gives them an environment of making better investment strategies, exploring more investment opportunities and analyzing the future trend of market.
How you ensure profit?
We have a great team available for analysing the market prospects; who are already successful in trade market and currency exchange. Depending on the plan you chose we invest your money on certain investment areas which covers a broad trade market. With risk analysis and round the clock working team we try giving you profit as your plan.
What are your commission charges?
Depending upon the investment you made and the profit you get we take some amount as our commission.
Does Company's own fund invested on the same?
Yes, our own fund and our in house client's funds are also invested in many investment ground.
How the profit returned to investor is very high?
We work towards the benefit of customers, when investing in the investment market we make sure our capitals are invested properly which should return us good amount. As we have investors amount which many people invested we have always an option of minimizing risk if market fluctuates indifferently. Which makes us different from other investment platform and we ensure your profit amount should reach you. In investment community it makes a difference and due to less risk and high returns plans available it attracts more customer.
Higher the money invested more the profit you get as we have some slabs of payment which are limited for different plans and already shown in investment plan section.