About us

MINCOTRADERS LIMITED team are specialized in forex trading & bit coin mining from past 15 years located in Vietnam and UK with registration number 10821632. From the evolution of crypto-currency and electronic currencies, MINCOTRADERS LIMITED are following the exchange trend for this. We have analyzed the volatile exchange fluctuation in crypto-currencies in international market and able to understand the trend. After individual expertise on global exchange, trading market and crypto-currency; we came together to start this investment portal in search of partners and customers through which we benefit each other.

We are global investment platform; providing unbelievable returns to our investors, our clients are from all over the world. We have different investment plans available which are prepared exclusively understanding the fluctuation rate and trend of exchange trading market. We assure your return on investment through these plans. We have an efficient team which is continuously working towards exploring more investment opportunities. Along with exchange trading market we work in investment on Forex trade market with good investment plans and opportunities to multiply your money.

We have other business all over world; we are global real estate Investment Company. We are UK-based Champion Real Estate Company was founded in 2003 by yetaran investor and developer. We are one of the world's fastest growing hotel companies, encompasses 55 hotels in 16 countries across multiple brands. With established locations in North America, Europe, Asia, Dubai, we pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy with nearly 47 new hotels currently under development.

From past few years have been a wild ride for investors in the worlds traded oil companies. Our oil production was 2.80 million barrels per day. This investment platform is just our another initiative to work towards the benefit of investors using the knowledge we have regarding trade market.